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​​​​​​​Nôm is an Asian cuisine restaurant in Jyväskylä, Finland.

With the task of implementing visuals, artwork with flexible conversion and application, in becoming a brand identity for Asian cuisine restaurants. "Asian muse" was built, inheriting from cultural heritage elements, and traditional artistic sensibilities such as silk paintings, wood carvings. Ideas and visuals are built to connect emotional touch points. The artwork is done on graphic materials by manual methods.


nôm fix 2
nôm fix 3
nôm fix

N H Â M  N H I  T Ế T

Published: Kim Dong Publishing House  1/2020

Nhâm Nhi Tết is a cultural / commercial project, a collection of literary works, short stories and illustrations by Vietnamese artists. Published in the form of physical books. 
In it I take on key visuals, project covers, and visual art applications.
Artwork / Visual is done manually on the graphic material.


Triple Business Card Mockup by Anthony Boyd Graphics
op 1
op 2
op 3


J a v i x ' s  a l b u m  c o v e r

​​​​​​​Illustrations and designs include 2 albums for Javix, a Trance music artist from Sai Gon. With the idea built from the "look", the look of empathy in music. the gaze of geography, of people. The look of loneliness and empathy. The artwork is done by manual method on graphic materials.


fix javix 3
fix javix
fix javix 2


T Ế T  C H Ấ T

​​​​​​​Tết Chất is a key visual made for Han Coffee's year-end media / commercial campaign which is a famous coffee brand in Hanoi, Vietnam, applying on a variety of environments from digital to the physical publication.

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